HydraGEN Customers

Proud customers of the HydraGEN Kit

We want to take the chance and say our valued customer a big thank you. Without the input of their fuel savings, we would have many local data of fuel savings. Although HydraGEN is available worldwide, the savings shared from our nearby customers, running with injected hydrogen gas, is of much value.


Here are the stories of our previous projects.

Go-Pher AG Services

The very first of all. It is the first hydraGEN Kit installed on an Agriculture vehicle and it was the first unit installed by Red M Mechanic.

Because of the not so perfect harvest season, the tractor hasn't been used enough to provide any data.

Yet, we are able to provide you with some pictures of the New Holland Tractor.


Current fuel savings 14 - 18 % per hour

In October 2018, we installed the hydraGEN Kit to the first commercial Truck. The owner of TPCT, a small business in Red Deer, has been looking for fuel reduction solutions for a long time. This business is willing to publish their fuel history for the purpose of showing the world that the hydraGEN does make an impact.

The Truck is used for local deliveries in Central Alberta and does not make many trips outside the 150 km radius. The engine is mainly used to power the crane via PTO.

Timing just had it right for TPCT. After installing the unit in October, two months later the small business was the first one to receive the newest version of the hydraGEN Kit. The new type of the unit has no exterior water tank anymore, and whole box is more Alberta proof now. That means the reactor is on sectional start up in cold temperatures and the water will take less time to melt when it's frozen.


Interview with Western Canadian Highway News

Vehicle Informaiton

Kenworth T800, Day Cab, Single Steer Tridem Drive,
Cummins ISX 15, DEF deleted in Mai 2017,
Weight Empty min 21'000 kg, Weight max 61'300

Red M Mechanic Ltd

200 km more reach per tank fill of 120 litres

There is one main reason why we decided to install the unit on our fleet truck.


Therefor we decided to test it and share the fuel savings.


This Dually 3500 Pickup Truck is a power house. It has been pulling the mechanical trailer for quite some time. Since the air becomes some extra hydraGEN injected, we are worried it might start to take off like a plane. Ok, not so bad, but the power increase is definitely able to feel. Beside more power and the increase of driving distance of 200km per full tank, we also noticed the massive reduction of harmful gases. Before having the Kit installed, we couldn't idle the truck in the shop for more than 5 minutes, the eyes start getting itchy, now you don't even smell the carbon mixes.


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